Aug 16, 2014

Build your own "Custom Abel Reel"

Build your dream reel. 

We made it easy! O.K. Abel made it easy but the power is now in your hands. You now have the control (ability) to build your own custom, American Made Abel Reel. 

Build your own Abel Reel online with the Abel Build Your Own Reel Software in partnership with Gorge Fly Shop, by using this link. See it as you build it and order it direct from Abel exactly the way you want it. Just follow the link and start building!


Nearly every angler who has seen a custom Abel reel has imagined a custom reel of their own one time or another. If you haven't, maybe your color blind or really have an appreciation for bland food. Maybe it's time to spice things up and treat your self to something truly special.

The Build Your Own Reel System – Abel's advanced reel building program will help you design and visualize the custom reel you’ve previously been able to only imagine was possible. Utilize the program features to create your own personal masterpiece with optional drag knob, reel foot, and aluminum handle finishes.

CUSTOMIZE: One piece at a time.


Choose your base reel and start building.
From Standard BLACK or just about any other shade under the rainbow to fish graphics like Brown Trout, Atlantic Salmon or Chrome Steelhead to name a few. Abel has them all or reel close to it. 
Just a few options.
If you think you still need something with a little more flash you can bump up your custom reel with a little Artistic DeYoung finish.

DeYoung Finish



Having trouble deciding? Need a comparison to help narrow things down? Utilize Abels "Reel Comparisons" to compare things like weight, spool diameter, line and yards of backing. If you still need help drop us a line at the Gorge Fly Shop to help you decide the right package for you.

Abel Reels: From the Factory to the Field

100 years of reel technology has come down to this. Design control at your finger tips. The classic reel design are a perfect fit to Abels 25+ years of American Craftsmanship. Nearly infinitely customizable. Mechanically they are incredibly simple.

There is no other reel of this type that compares. The finish on these reels just might prompt you to move the family photo and build your own custom mantel and lighted reel box to put on display when not in use. Notice: Polish not included.

When purchased from The Gorge Fly Shop or built to order and shipped to us receive a FREE FLY LINE with purchase of any Build to Order Abel reel.

Gorge Fly Shop - Webmaster

Build your own Abel Reel: Custom made, Made in the U.S.A

* Reel photos are only a simulation. Actual product may vary in appearance and color.

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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